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Personal Injury/Workers Compensation Claims

Midwest Injury Help is here to guide you in getting the compensation you deserve when you are injured in the workplace or have been a victim of personal injury. We are a referral service company ready to assist you throughout the whole process of a personal injury claim.

Why Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

As a victim of workplace injury or personal injury, you need to be aware of your rights. Our team is knowledgeable about workers’ compensation rights and personal injury law, and we can enlighten you about the benefits you are entitled to. We will also walk you through the process and rules to follow in order for the case to run smoothly.

Personal Injury Law

This law refers to remedies and defenses involved in civil lawsuits brought about as result of wrongful conduct. This could be from the negligence of a person, company, or government agency. Our team will help you reach lawyers if you want to file a case under this law.

Workers’ Compensation Rights

There are many responsibilities that an employer has towards their employees as dictated by law. One of which is that your boss is responsible for paying your medical needs if you were injured at work. It also mandates that you are given the opportunity to choose your own doctor.

Midwest Injury Help will help you make sure that you are given your due compensation. Since cases such as personal injury are open claims, we assure you that there will be no out-of-pocket expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I get hurt at work? chevron_right

You should notify your supervisor of the accident. Your supervisor once informed will most likely make a written report of the injury. Most of the time, you have 45 days to report your accident.

What types of benefit does the law provide for the employees who get hurt? chevron_right

The law provides a system of benefits that are administered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. These benefits cover most employees that have suffered injuries at work.

These benefits are covered REGARDLESS OF FAULT.

What medical benefits are covered under the law? chevron_right

The employer is required to pay for all medical care that is reasonably necessary to cure or relieve the employee from the effects of the injury.

This includes but is not limited to first aid, emergency care, doctor visits, hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, pharmaceuticals, prosthetic devices, and prescribed medical appliances. The cost of devices, such as a shoe lift or a wheelchair, may also be covered.

How can I cover my medical and time off work if I get hurt at work? chevron_right

The law provides benefits for medical attention and paid disability if necessary for recovering from a work injury.

Who pays for the medical care? chevron_right

If the employer does not dispute a medical bill, it will pay the medical provider directly. The worker is not required to pay co-payments or deductibles.

If the employer disputes a bill, it must promptly give the worker a written explanation for its refusal. While a case is pending at the Commission, the provider cannot try to collect payment from the employee once the employee notifies the provider that he or she has filed a claim with the Commission to resolve this dispute.

The provider may send the employee reminders of the outstanding bill, and ask for information about the case (e.g., case number, status of case). If the employee does not provide the information within 90 days of the date of the reminder, the provider may resume its efforts to collect payment

What should I do if I am afraid to experience reprimand or problems at work due to the report of my accident? chevron_right

It is illegal for an employer to harass, dismiss, refuse to accept an employee to work after the accident, or discriminate in any form if due to the employee exercising his rights if injured.

Meet the Best Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago

If you have recently been injured and the fault belongs to someone else, it may be time to consider a personal injury lawyer. A Personal injury lawyer or personal injury attorney is someone specifically trained in representing defendants that have been injured by another party. This includes car accidents, workplace incidents as well as assault or battery. If you have been injured and you believe another party may be to blame, you can also schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney. If you injure yourself while on the job, your company still may be liable for reimbursement. If you are looking for the best personal injury lawyer near me, you can head over to Midwest Injury Help for more info.

Looking for The Best Personal Injury Lawyer in Chicago? chevron_right

If you have been injured, before you do anything else, you will want to contact someone with a legal background like a personal injury lawyer. If everything is handled the proper way, you should be able to have your expenses be covered by the party responsible for your injury. This is where you will need the professional help of a lawyer. You will need someone who is well versed specifically in injury law in your state and has handled cases like this before. You need to know what to say, what evidence the judge and jury is looking for and how to calculate damages. People that have experienced personal injury have already gone through enough, that’s why we have legal professionals to make their lives a little bit easier. If you are looking for the top personal injury lawyer in Chicago, the people at Midwest Injury Help can help you get connected with the best personal injury lawyer for your specific needs.

What is Personal Injury? chevron_right

Personal injury is used to describe any damage to the body, mind or emotions. Bodily injury is the most obvious and quantifiable type of injury. If you are hospitalized for a bodily injury, your hospital bill will essentially be a reflection of the bodily injury. There are also unseen injuries like mental or emotional injuries. These can be a lot harder to quantify into specific damages and it is something that lawyers can be quite good at. If you are unsure what your case is worth in terms of damages, you may want to call Midwest Injury Help for a free consultation, especially if you are looking for a top personal injury lawyer in Chicago.

When Should You File a Personal Injury Claim? chevron_right

You should make a personal injury claim if you have demonstrable damages and if you believe another party is liable. For example, if someone cut you off in traffic, it may be there fault, but you wouldn’t be able to prove demonstrable damages. If that person cut you off and hit your vehicle, they are now potentially viable for the damage caused to your vehicle as well as any medical expenses you may have incurred in the process. Sometimes there are cases where you may be unsure whether another party is liable. If an incident occurred while you were on a business trip for example. This is when you may want to call Midwest Injury Help for a free consultation to see if the other party is liable for damages.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You?

Before you seek out a personal injury attorney, you may want to look into the personal injury definition. What is personal injury and how can a personal injury lawyer help you? If you have been injured and you are able to prove damages, a personal injury lawyer can help you get reimbursed by the party at fault.

Understanding The Personal Injury Law chevron_right

The personal injury definition is pretty basic, and the law is quite easy to understand. If you have been injured and you believe another party is at fault, that party should have to compensate you for any damages incurred. You and your lawyer are able to prove damages in a case such as hospital bills, lost wages and damage of personal property in the case of a car accident for example. These are things that the other party is liable for. The job of the personal injury lawyer is to present this evidence to a judge in a court of law and make sure that the other party is liable to pay these expenses.

What are Workers’ Compensation Rights chevron_right

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees that were injured on the job. The laws vary from state to state, but in general the theory is that if employees are instructed to work in a certain way or under a certain condition, the company is expected to pay for any damages that may befall them. A common example is if an employee on a construction site is injured while operating machinery, the company may be liable to pay that employees medical bills as well as continue to pay them salary while they are injured.

Suggesting Top Personal Injury Lawyer Near You chevron_right

If you live in or near Chicago and you are looking for a personal injury attorney, you may want to contact Midwest Injury Help to get matched with the best personal injury lawyer for your specific situation. All you must do is give them a call and they will give you a free consultation to find out more about your situation and give you specific recommendations on how to proceed. They also have a great network of trusted Chicago lawyers they can connect you with based on your specific situation. All you have to do is call!

Final Word chevron_right

Going through personal injury can be a nightmare, and the last thing you want to go through is the headache of paperwork and legal proceedings. That’s why Midwest Injury Help is there for you, to handle all of your legal needs so that you can focus on the road to recovery.

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